We are niche market and personal service orientated.

Commercial and contractual practice

Practical and professional advice on all contractual issues and business law.
We provide a comprehensive service which covers all the trading activities of a business,
addressing the diverse situations and unique business needs of our clients.

Conveyancing and related property law

Buying or Selling property is the biggest financial decision most of us will ever make.
We will take care of all matters related to the registration of property transfers, registration
and cancellation of bonds, and endorsements on title deeds.

Civil and commercial litigation

Whether it be a matter of civil litigation, i.e resolving public and private legal disputes on civil matters, or commercial
litigation, i.e. the resolution of disputes arising in the corporate and commercial sectors, we can offer expert legal advice
and effective solutions. We strive to resolve litigation disputes for our clients as soon as possible, therefore
moving towards early and satisfactory resolutions.

Matrimonial and divorce law

We have valuable experience in divorces, maintenance and access disputes, and litigation
in this field of law. We are aware of the sensitivity required in these matters and are
able to handle them with the necessary care. The best interests of all involved are always
foremost in our minds as we assist you.

Mediation and dispute resolution
Mediation and dispute resolution

‘Mediation’ broadly refers to any instance in which a third party helps disputants reach agreement.
The process is private and confidential and participation is typically voluntary.
The mediator acts as a neutral third party and facilitates rather than directs the process.
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Tax advisory
Tax Advisory

We are very privileged to have access to the depth of experience and knowledge that Kari Lagler
offers as an independent tax advisor. Read more


We have close associations with the most reputable firms dealing with employment and labour law,
criminal practice and tax consulting and can thus provide services across the legal spectrum.